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Tritech Sonar for AUV Project

MACSEA secures order to supply imaging sonar technology for AUV optimal navigation.

MACSEA secures order to supply imaging sonar technology for AUV optimal navigation. Such sonar technology allows coverage of larger areas (up to 120m) independent of the conditions of visibility, illumination and water turbidity . The real-time multi-beam acoustic imaging sonar (Tritech Gemini) will be used for the mapping and location of the AUV scenario, while the compact CHIRP imaging sensor (Tritech Micron Obstacle Avoidance Sonar), are fundamental for the detection of obstacles in 360º swath.

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MACSEA Completes Sistac ROV Upgrade Project

The MACSEA team of the ROV SAAB Seaeye Tiger upgrade project has successfully delivers the system to the customer.

The main objective of the project was to change the characteristics of the vehicle in order to improve its performance, through the interface of a new motion sensor (TOGS), exchange of its data multiplexing system (Focal 907) to interface a new video device (HD IP Camera), increase its operating capacity in low light environments with the addition of two more LED lights to the vehicle. In addition to these upgrades described above, the telemetry of the vehicle and its navigation sensor (Sonar Super SeaKing DST) will operate via fiber optic link.

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MACSEA Becomes EIVA Representative in Brazil

The Brazilian MACSEA has signed a contract with Danish EIVA to include software and hardware solutions from EIVA into the MACSEA product portfolio.

We are seeing an increasing interest in our solutions at the moment in Brazil, as a result of a large number of ongoing and planned offshore activities. With this comes the need for strengthening our presence in the country through local representatives,” said EIVA Sales Director Jakob Møller Nielsen.

EIVA signed a representative agreement with MACSEA this week.

MACSEA is headquartered in Macaé, Rio de Janeiro, and specialises in providing technical services and products for the offshore oil and gas, energy and oceanography industries.

At MACSEA, we wish to offer our customers services as well as hardware and software solutions. We are very enthusiastic about this partnership and confident that it will strengthen our company, as we see great potential in offering EIVA solutions to our local market. Not least, EIVA shares our commitment to introducing innovative and cost-effective solutions which is the core of our business strategy,” said MACSEA Commercial Manager Antonio Felipe Silva.

“We have been searching the Brazilian offshore industry for an additional representative for a while. A key parameter in choosing MACSEA was that the services the company offers follow EIVA’s philosophy of assisting customers throughout the life cycle of a product or project,” said Jakob Møller Nielsen.